Behold – Future of Orthopaedics is here!!

Greetings to all my fellow colleagues!! Let me take this opportunity to thank all the members of this esteemed society for giving me the privilege to humbly serve the BOS. We are all aware that with time, many innovations have revolutionized our day-to-day life. E-Wallets, digitalization at workplaces, smart phones, driverless cars, etc. The field of Orthopaedics has not stayed away from this change and there has been a constant influx of newer technology and newer concepts. Some of this technology has proven very useful while some has not stood the test of time. My genuine belief is that, love it, hate it but one cannot ignore this revolution!

I propose to implement this theme; “Vision Orthopaedicus: Navigating the Future” as the BOS Theme for 2018-19.

With this theme, we want to introduce everyone and make aware of newer techniques, technology and concepts in the management of orthopaedic conditions. These will help in improving the diagnostic and therapeutic accuracy of treatment, early recovery and rehabilitation of patients.

The BOS conducts various academic activities like Clinical Meetings, Master Series, Instructional Courses on trauma and various other sub-specialities. All the conveners for the various BOS instructional courses are well qualified to run excellent courses. I would request all the conveners to plan their course well and select appropriate faculty. I would also urge them to include theme related session / talk in their respective course, which will include newer trends, concepts and their application for the benefit of patients. All the conveners must procure MMC credit points for their respective courses.

WIROC attendance has grown steadily over the past few years making it one of the most reputed conferences, known for its scientific content. This year, I plan that WIROC will have a blend of solid conventional orthopaedic content in addition to dedicated sessions on the newer technology and concepts. I believe that each of the delegates will want to take a sneak peek into the future in various sub-specialities of Orthopaedics. The young orthopods will surely get inspired into developing further on these ideas and have their own innovations.

The other part that I intend to focus on is the social aspect of Orthopaedics. Today, the image of doctors in general, has taken a beating. All would agree that patients impression of doctors has not been very pleasant, for various reasons. One of my other focus is to attempt to improve the image of doctors and also create public awareness of common orthopaedics conditions in general public. I propose to use social media for the same. Its power to connect to people in a short span of time has been phenomenal.
It is my modest appeal to all members of BOS to conscientiously work towards rebuilding ethical practices and orthopaedic camaraderie by repeated deliberations on the same which will help and benefit the patients.

I am indeed lucky to have a wonderful EC by my side. I assure you that the members will be feasting on some excellent, precise and up-to-date scientific content all through the year by way of Clinical Meetings, Master Cares & Master Shares, Instructional Courses and WIROC.
I once again thank the BOS members for their constant support and I look forward to the same in the coming year!

Warm Regards,

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Arvind Goregaonkar
President, Bombay Orthopaedic Society (2018-19)