Dear senior members and friends,

Bombay Orthopaedic Society is a mirror that truly reflects the spirit of the multifaceted city that it represents. I am both humbled and overwhelmed to have been assigned a pivotal part in shaping the path things to come for these two years 2018-2020.

Clinical meetings are the pride of BOS from the inception of the society. They are the foundation whereby we strengthen our roots and clinical acumen. Clinical acumen is a fast-disappearing skill in coming generations and hence I urge the post-graduates to make it a point to attend them. Registration is free but compulsory via the BOS Mobile App (BOS App is available for download on Google Playstore [Android] & Appstore [IOS] ).

I also urge the attending members to adhere to the guidelines set by the chairperson about conduct of discussions during the clinical meetings so that we respect the privacy of the patients and their sentiments about problematic cases. Photography and video recording of the cases during the clinical meeting will not be permitted under any circumstances. Feedback will be online and certificates will be issued only after submission of feedback form on the BOS App / Website.

BOS has been a front runner in holding multiple focused speciality operative and teaching courses. This year, they have all been streamlined and time table has been sealed, avoiding any overlap with the flagship activities viz. the Master Series and BOS Clinical Meetings. We are introducing a new administrative feature to regulate these activities. For each course, the EC will appoint “BOS Observers” to ensure the smooth conduct and adherence to BOS guidelines as a double-check mechanism in addition to the MMC Observers. Feedback will be online and certificates will be issued only after submission of feedback form on the BOS App / Website.

I wish to appeal each of you to join hands with us in celebrating various special days; Bone & Joint Day and BOS Foundation Day, by way of public service activities with festive ferver. It is the perfect opportunity for us to change the outlook of society towards our fraternity and bring to the forefront the “Good Samaritan” facet of the BOS. It is the need of the hour to create a positive impact and get media coverage for the right reasons in contemporary times.

The BOS’s Journal is now featured in the Index Copernicus, a matter to rejoice. It has been a herculean task for the editorial team. They need to be both congratulated and encouraged. I request all of you, especially the senior members, to contribute their original articles and research papers to the same to enhance popularising and eventually indexing the same.

BOS has been supporting a number of research initiatives. These proposals represent the entire society and hence the criteria must be rigorous. It is vital to have a set format in which these proposals need to be submitted and screened before submission to the Research Funds Committee. Submissions which meet all the pre-requisites only will be sent forward. The format is available for download on

They say “well begun is half done” as I begin this term as the first woman to be elected to the Secretary’s post of the BOS: I seek blessings, support, understanding and encouragement in all my endeavours to strengthen the ethos and camaraderie of our society at large.

Warm Regards,

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Rujuta Mehta
Secretary, Bombay Orthopaedic Society (2018-19)