July 23, 2017 all-day Asia/Kolkata Timezone
Global Hospitals
Dr. E Borges Road, Opp Shirodkar High school, Hospital Lane, Wadi Bandar, Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400010
INR 1,150/-
Anand J. Thakur (Convener)
Mob.: +91 9820069077
Convener Anand J. Thakur (Mob.: +91 9820069077)
Co-Conveners Bipin R. Shah (Mob.: +91 9820129575) &
Ram Prabhoo (Mob.: +91 9820053583)
Mentors Ram Chaddha, Bhavin Jhankaria
Date July 23, 2017
Venue Global Hospital, Parel, Mumbai
Maximum Delegates 40
Course Fee INR 1,150/-
Course Highlights
  • Discuss clinical features, MRI and USG imaging of soft tissue conditions in various regions. Each condition will be described by clinical and imaging experts will bring out imaging features. Clinician will briefly talk about treatment mainly to radiologists in the audience. Provisional list of topics are as below:
    • SHOULDER: Rotator cuff tear with biceps tendon dislocation / rupture calcific, tendinosis of rotator cuff (Hydroxyapatite deposition disease), adhesive capsulitis, suprascapular, nerve entrapment.
    • ELBOW & WRIST: Ulnar collateral ligament injury of thumb (Gamekeeper’s thumb / stener lesion), ulnar collateral ligament injury of elbow, posterior interosseous nerve syndrome, pulley lesion of the fingers.
    • KNEE: Quadriceps tear, Iliotibial band friction syndrome, tennis leg (Medial gastrocnemius and plantaris injury), Jumper’s knee (Patellar tendon pathologist), or bursitis around the knee.
    • ANKLE & FOOT: Achilles tendonitis & ankle tendon rupture, posterior tibial tendon pathology, ankle ligament injury – high ankle sprain, Morton’s neuroma.
Course Objectives The course is planned for orthopaedicians and radiologists involved in the diagnosis of musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders; this is the 7th annual edition. It provides a balanced overview of traditional to newest state-of-art MSK imaging modalities and techniques.
Proposed Faculty Anand Thakur, Ashwin Lawande, Bhavin Jankaria, Bhawan Paunipagar, Bipin R. Shah, Darshna Sanghavi, Dinshaw Pardiwala, Nicholas Antao, Sona Pungaonkar, Sudhir Warrier