November 12, 2017 all-day Asia/Kolkata Timezone
HBT Medical College & Dr. R. N. Cooper Municipal General Hospital
U 15
Bhaktivedanta Swami Marg, Gulmohar Road, Opp Bhagu Bai Polytechnic College, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400056
INR 1,150/-
Anand J. Thakur (Convener)
+91 9820069077
Convener Anand J. Thakur (Mob.:+91 9820069077)
Co-Conveners Jairam Jagiasi (Mob.:+91 9820662166)
Mentor Nicholas Antao, Sunil Pandya, Rajeshwar Singh
Date November 12, 2017
Venue R. N. Cooper Hospital & HBT Medical College, Juhu, Mumbai
Maximum Delegates 50
Course Fee INR 1,150/-
Course Highlights
  • Outline the process of thesis; when to start, how to proceed and how to complete writing
  • Explain the importance of style manual
  • Effective use of thesaurus
  • Plagiarism and how to avoid it
Course Objectives Writing a thesis is mandatory to qualify to appear for a post-graduate degree examination in health sciences. However, most residents are clueless and hate the situation. Writing a thesis often is a copy-paste job, bordering plagiarism. A golden opportunity is lost to train a resident in medical writing. BOS yearns to improve medical writing and has taken several measures in this direction. This new course guides the participants when to commence writing, what is the essential structure of a thesis, how to accurately present the data in clear scientific language, what is a style manual and its indispensability in scientific writing, what are good writing practices, how to use a thesaurus; easy detection of plagiarism by software and its avoidance. The programme aims at sensitizing the trainees to science of medical writing so they may learn the art of medical writing and evolve to a prolific author.
Proposed Faculty Anand J. Thakur, Jairam Jagiasi, Rajeshwar Singh, Nicholas Antao, Murli Paduawal, Ashok Shyam