CONVENER Dr. Rajesh Gandhi
Mob: +91 982005796
Dr. Suhas Shah
Co-Convener Dr. Ram Prabhoo & Dr. H. R. Jhunjhunwala
Maximum Delegates 12
Course Fee INR 17,000 (US $ 300)
Dates July 23 – 28, 2019

JESS (23rd – 26th JULY, 2019)

Venue Bhartiya Aarogya Nidhi Hospital, SRCC, B. J Wadia Hospital
Course Highlights JESS & Ilizarov Combined for the first time in the unique course
Course Objectives
  • To make delegate aware of versatility of Fixators and train them in the differing indications of the same.
  • To discuss in the detail the two different frames, their constructions and components.
  • Hands-on experiences in constructing both the types of frames.

Proposed Faculty

Dr. Rajesh Gandhi

Dr. Ram Prabhoo

Dr. Rujuta Mehta

Dr. Tanay Prabhoo

Dr. Taral Nagda

Dr. Tushar Agarwal

Dr. Aditya Kaushik

Dr. Sandhya Kaushik

Course USP
  • Active hands-on experience, as well as live surgical demonstrations for the delegates. Delegates will assist operative sessions at some centres.
Format and Pattern
  • 4 days course with operative session & lectures
Learning Material
  • Soft copies will be provided of the JESS manuals.

ILIZAROV (27th & 28th JULY, 2019)

Venue K. B. Bhabha Hospital, Bandra (West), Mumbai
Course Highlights 1. Lecture series on Ilizarov Technique & Application.
2. Workshop on bone models Tibia & Femur Ilizarov Fixator application
Course Objectives
  • To enable to apply Basic Ilizarov frame
  • To empower for Basic frame raising in tibia and simple femur cases.

Proposed Faculty

Dr. Jhunjhunwala

Dr. R. A. Agrawal

Dr. Suhas Shah

Dr. Harshad Shah

  1. Workshop on Bone Models
  2. Simple deformity correction planning
  1. Lectures on Basics Anatomy, etc.
  2. Workshop
  • Soft copies will be provided of the JESS manuals.
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