Minutes of The Annual General Body Meeting The Bombay Orthopaedic Society held on Sunday, 22nd January, 2017 At Grand Hyatt Hotel, Kalina, Mumbai

The meeting was postponed for 30 mins in view of lack of adequate quorum.

The BOS President, Dr. Aseem Parekh took the chair and called the meeting to order at 9.30 am. The meeting was attended by life members of the BOS as per register and the support staff for the event.

1. Apologies & Leave of Absence: Dr. V. T. Ingalhalikar, Dr. C. J. Thakkar, Dr. Rohan Habbu, Dr. Sudhir Warrier and Dr. L. N. Vora requested for leave of absence and were granted.

2. Condolences: No BOS member was known to have expired in last 1 year.

3. To confirm the minutes of AGM held on 2016: Minutes of the last meeting were confirmed and passed. Few pending issues like Trademark of WIROC will be taken up in 2017. Honorary secretary Dr. Sanjay Dhar apologized for not getting it done last year, promised that it would be done in 2017.

Dr. Ram Prabhoo and Dr. A. J. Thakur had raised a point regarding that reservations for posts in EC for non-institutional doctors was discussed in the EC and it was confirmed that there will be no reservation for Non-Institutional Candidates as adequate no of posts are held by non-institutional candidates.

AGM Minutes Proposed by Dr. A. J. Thakur Seconded by Dr. A. R. Karkhanis.

4. Dr. Ram Chaddha (IPPV) was appointed as Election Officer, spoke and explained the whole process of Elections. For the position of President Elect, we had only one nomination Dr. Arvind Goregaonkar, thus was elected unopposed for position of President Elect.

For the position of Vice President, we had two nominations, but Dr. Naushad Hussain withdrew, thus Dr. Amit Ajgaonkar was elected unopposed as Vice President.

For EC, there were 6 nominations:

Dr. Kumar Dussa (withdrew his nomination)

Dr. Ashish Gulia

Dr. Sanjeev Jain

Dr. Eknath Pawar

Dr. Sudhir Sharan

Dr. Gautam Zaveri

Out of the above mentioned 5, two were to be elected today after the election for the post of 3 years.

He explained about election process and rules.

Only Life Members can vote. Full Members and Associate Members cannot vote.

Dr. Ram Chaddha proposed the names of Dr. Prakash Samant and Dr. Swapnil Keny to officiate for conducting elections between 10:30 am to 12:30 pm.

5. President’s Address: Dr. Aseem Parekh Delivered the presidential address (copy from video)

6. Dr. Sanjay Dhar presented the Secretary’s Report thanked everyone and looks forward for the next year. (Report as per annual report)

Dr. Karkhanis and Dr. Thakur mentioned that it was Treatise to be taken only and not thesis to be advertised for Annual Best Treatise award (with body of work for 5-10 years).

Dr. Sabnis applauded the Master Series conducted in KEM Hospital. The topics were good, well managed and well attended. The contribution of Dr. Mohan Desai and other faculty was highly appreciated.

The advantages of conducting at a central venue like KEM hospital were discussed in detail and conclusion was, that it is the prerogative of the Vice President and we should give him both the options of conducting all the series at one or different venues.

Dr. Jairam Jagiasi, Dr. Sabnis, Dr. Shrikrishna Dhone, Dr. Roshan Wade and Dr. Agashe offered their opinions.

Dr. Aseem Parekh concluded, that it should be Left for the Next EC to take a call as to how about going to Master Series.

Dr. Karkhanis and Dr. Thakur suggested that the Book Award should be for all India Doctors residing in India, not BOS members only. Dr. Ajay Puri Suggested that members of BOS Should be given preference in some way.

Dr. Sanjay Dhar suggested that as there are lots of publications in journals, some criteria should be established by which publication in highly acclaimed journals should be recognized. Dr. Rajesh Gandhi suggested the recognition of publications was originally for International Journals as there was no indexed Indian journal.

Dr. Thakur suggested that Recognition of Publications and Book Chapters should be discontinued as there are too many publications and journal.

Dr. Mohanty suggested that Recognition of Publications to be done only for Pubmed Indexed Journals.

Dr. Ajay Puri suggested that Best Paper Award been given to Among the best papers for JCORTH and Awarded in the WIROC and Dr. Arvind Seconded that and the President suggested that EC to consider this proposal.

Dr. Thakur suggested that the whole guidelines regarding this be discussed in EC and presented to AGM.

Dr. Karkhanis, Dr. Thakur and Dr. Mangal Parihar suggested that guidelines be formatted by the EC for giving the book regarding MultI-author Book and should ideally be given to the Editor.

Dr. Rajesh Gandhi replied we have advertised that only a single author book or maximum 4 authors book.

Dr. Arvind Kulkarni and Dr. Karkhanis said that it is very difficult to write a book by a single person and award should be based on quality.

Dr. Aseem Parekh suggested that EC should formulate new guidelines.

Proposed by Dr. Rajesh Gandhi

Seconded by Dr. Anand Thakur

7. Presentation of Treasurer Report: Dr. Rajesh Gandhi presented the Treasurers Report. Dr. Naushad Hussain and Dr. Raju Pathak suggested that WIROC Charges be reduced. It was discussed at length and due to increase in inflation, Banquet inclusion and Service Tax, the Current conference charges will stay the same.

Report was passed, proposed by Dr. S. S. Mohanty and seconded by Dr. S. Dhar

8. Dr. Thakur presented the Audited Statement Accounts of the Year 2015-16.

Proposed by Dr. Mohanty Seconded by Dr. Rajesh Gandhi

9. Appointment of Accountant: Ms. Gabhawala & sons are appointed as the Auditors.

Proposed by Dr. Thakur Seconded by Dr. Rajesh Gandhi

10. Amendment in Constitution Proposed by Dr. Thakur: Treasurer should be Mandatory signatory for WIROC as well as BOS Account.

Dr. A. J. Thakur suggested that the Treasurer should not have held office of Secretary in the preceding 3 years at least, to avoid the conflict of interest.

Dr. Sandeep Sonone and Dr. Sunil Shahane opposed it and suggested that it should be Vice Versa that The Secretary and Treasurer should not leave and there should be a post of Secretary and Treasurer for three years where there can be one Secretary Elect.

Dr. Rajesh Gandhi suggested that the secretary and treasurer’s posts are getting vacant at the same time and there is sudden loss of continuity, to avoid these situation, the Secretary and Treasurer’s election should be held on different years. The modalities should be worked out by GBM accordingly.

Dr. Aseem Parekh suggested to appoint a Special General Body Meeting for Amendment of Constitution regarding this matter.

11. Allocation of Clinical Meetings: The EC will decide the dates and finalization of Clinical Meetings.

Dr. Agashe had suggested that Photo ID be taken before a person can enter AGM.

12. To appoint Course Conveners for 2017-18: BOS Courses should be decided from the AGM.

Impetus Express: Dr. Swapnil Keny

JCT PG Teaching Program: Dr. Anil Karkhanis

Master Shares and Master Cares: Vice President, Dr. Amit Ajgaonkar

For courses where more than one application was received

Dr. Mangal Parihar proposed authorize the EC to call this course conveners to make a presentation

For courses where more than one application was received, voting was conducted and winner chosen as course convener.

Operative Fracture Course: Dr. Sudhir Sharan

Illizarov and Deformity Basics: Dr. Mangal Parihar

Basic Spine: Dr. Tushar Rathod

Arthroplasty Course: Dr. Mohan Desai

Advanced Arthroplasty Course: Dr. Naushad Hussain

Cadaveric Flap Dissection Course: Dr. Piyush Gavai

Day School: Dr. Anand Thakur

Pediatric: Dr. Mandar Agashe

Osteotomies around the Pediatric and Adolescent Hip: Dr. Swapnil Keny

Basic Arthroscopy Course: Dr. Sandeep Biraris

Advanced Arthroscopy Course: Dr. Kumar Dussa

New Age Orthopod: Dr. Kumar Kaushik Dash

CP Course: Dr. Chasanal Rathod

JESS Course: Dr. Ram Prabhoo

Hand Surgery: Dr. Parag Lad

Orthopaedic Oncology course: Dr. Ashish Gulia

Pelvi Acetabular Course: Dr. Shaligram Purohit

Shoulder Course: Dr. Roshan Wade

New Courses for the year 2017-2018

Advanced Cervical Spine Course: Dr. Sandeep Sonone

Minimally Invasive Spine Course: Dr. Vishal Kundnani

Hip Preservation Surgery Course: Dr. Sanjay Garude

Foundational Science for Fracture Fixation: Dr. Anand Thakur (course for PGs only)

Thesis Writing for Post Graduates in Health Sciences: Dr. Anand Thakur

Rehabilitation Management Course: Not Approved as applicant is an Associate member

13. Nair Hospital was awarded the Best Clinical Meeting.

14. To reach out to peripheries of Greater Mumbai BOS Outreach Program, was approved. This would be a clinical meeting to be conducted in outskirts of greater Mumbai.

15. BOS Office Space: Dr. Sandeep Sonone proposed to get a BOS Office Space on a Rental Basis in a Central location. Dr. Rajesh Gandhi provided another view point, suggesting that maintenance and staff issues would make it difficult and not a worthwhile option.

Dr. Srivastava also suggested that BOS should move forward and take a small step. Dr. Ram Prabhoo also agreed for the same and suggested that on an experimental basis we can have it for 3 years. General Body should sanction Rs. 50,000 per month.

Dr. Vikas Agashe Proposed that we should have a rented BOS Office Space and Dr. Sonone can come back with a final proposal within 3 months for a pilot project and this was approved by the majority.

16. BOS Journal of Clinical Orthopaedics introduced in 2016 will continue for 5 years on a 6-monthly basis. Journals will be kept open access online and print will be on demand and will be distributed during WIROC and the funds for the same will be from BOS.

17. BOS will go paperless, and all notices except, Calendar of Events (COE), WIROC Brochure and Annual Report will be sent by email only.

18. Dr. Neeraj Bijlani would continue as Webmaster and BOS App Manager.

19. WIROC 2016 – Organizing Secretary’s Report: Dr. Roshan Wade and Dr. Arvind Kulkarni presented the WIROC Report. 13 Pre-conference workshops, Cricket Match with Celebrity Cricketers and Arvind Kulkarni’s Red team won the Cricket Match.

Curved LED wall was used for the first time. Day 1 – 36 Live Surgeries were performed.

BOS Orthopaedic quiz was conducted.

Dr. Ashish Diwan presented the Katrak Oration. Mr. Anupam Kher presented a motivational talk on Spine and Spineless. Day 3 – Cyclathon was conducted and Scientific Sessions were well appreciated. We thank the sponsors of WIROC 2016. The saving for BOS from WIROC 2016 approx. 50 lakhs.

Dr. Karkhanis suggested that there should be more free papers.

20. WIROC 2017: Dr. Harshad Argekar and Dr. Neeraj Bijlani presented the Theme of the conference of WIROC 2017 and Venue.

21. Confirm Speakers for the Orations of WIROC 2017 and appoint Speakers for WIROC 2018.

Dr. R. J. Katrak Oration: Dr. Joe Dias

Dr. K. T. Dholakia Oration: Dr. Christopher Evans

Appoint Speakers for WIROC- 2018

Dr. S. R. Mukhi Proposed by Dr. Sushil Sabnis seconded by Dr. Roshan Wade.

Dr. Mangal Parihar proposed by Dr. Neeraj Bijlani seconded by Dr. Karkhanis for WIROC 2019

Dr. K. T. Dholakia Oration

Dr. Duda for WIROC 2018 and Dr. Bishop standby for 2018 and confirmed for WIROC 2019.

22. Treasurer is appointed as Mandatory Signatory in WIROC Account.

23. Report on Research Projects: Dr. Sujata Aiyer has proposed and is passed by research committee and still awaiting final proposal for passing the grant.

24. Dr. Vikas Agashe presented the follow up on BOS Osteoarticular TB Project and requested some amount be sanctioned 1 lac to be kept standby Proposed by Dr. Ram Chaddha and seconded by Dr. Harshad Argekar.

25. Dr. Thakur Presented the BOS Library Project. He has suggested to raise the budget to 1.25 lacs proposed by Dr. Thakur seconded by Dr. Rajesh Gandhi.

26. Dr. Rajesh Gandhi presented the Good Practices Guide Book for Secretary and Treasurer.

27. BOS New member’s application 95 members and 10 more members were ratified in the AGM. Any applicant who has sent only MBBS degrees should not be considered for life membership.

28. Dr. C. J. Thakkar Presented the President Elect Address from New York as he was unable to attend in person.

29. OrthoTV info portal was launched with a dedicated BOS Channel.

30. Dr. Ram Chaddha Announced the Election Results: Dr. Gautam Zaveri and Dr. Sudhir Sharan were elected as Executive Committee Members.

The GBM welcomed the newly elected members & thanked outgoing members of the EC.

Dr. Sanjay Dhar ended the AGM with a vote of Thanks.