The Computer Skills course is one of a kind course which has now become a regular feature in the BOS Calendar of Events and was successfully conducted in College of Physicians and Surgeons, Parel Mumbai on 28th February, 2016.

The course was overbooked and we had 32 registrations from all over India. We had started communicating with all the delegates via email and had started givingthem projects.


We also made a group on Whatsapp mobile application where we discussed various topics and shared pictures for discussion and discussed uses of gadgets in orthopaedics.

The morning session was started by Dr. Mahesh Kharde where he demonstrated his own way of MMC Approved Prescription writing using GoodNotes on Ipad. Dr. Neeraj Bijlani then showed the smart way of using Apps on Smartphone using iPhone and Android.


Post Breakfast session was then continued by our special invited faculties Dr. Ashok Shyam who showed us the way to find the Literature for free and legally on the internet. Dr. Mahesh Kharde demonstrated his method of making new passwords. Dr. Mangal Parihar then continued his session where he demonstrated brilliant uses of Evernote Software in managing patient database. We then had breakaway sessions during Lunch hour showing movie making on Mac by Dr. Kumar Kaushik Dash and on Windows by Dr. Taral Nagda.


After lunch, we had Dr. Swapnil Keny demonstrating use of the ipad using Keynote and iAnnotate – two brilliant apps for making presentation and using literature respectively. The course concluded with the last two guest talks by Dr. Shashank Akerker – Rheumatologist who demonstrated insights on the use of Social Media (Twitter / Facebook) and Mr. Tarun Lalan – Entrepreneur and App Developer where he showed and demonstrated the use of Smart Consultant – an App for maintaining Clinical and Financial records on your smartphone.


All the sessions were fully interactive and the delegates were made to work on the laptops and smartphones with wifi internet throughout the course. 28 out of 32 delegates wanted to recommend the course to others. 16 out of 32 delegates found the course to be excellent, and 14 found it very good.

Some of the suggestions given by delegates were as follows

  • Keep Basic and Advanced Course Separate
  • Have separate sessions for Mac and PC
  • More time should be given for Live Workshops

We appreciate all of the suggestions which were given for the course and will help us in improving the course next year. We thank all the delegates, faculty and the team of College of Physicians and Surgeons, Parel, Mumbai for helping out to make this course a grand success.

Dr. Neeraj Bijlani
Dr. Taral Nagda