For operative fracture fixation course registered delegates 6:

  1. Ashvin Kodithyala
  2. Jagdip Maddan
  3. Ankur Mittal
  4. Amit Joshi
  5. Nirlepsinh Thakor
  6. Ankit Prasad

(Day 1) 29/5/16 Sunday CME

The lecture Programme started at 8:30 am, the CME had 1 credit point allotted by the Maharashtra Medical Council, senior BOS faculty members like Dr. A. J. Thakur spoke on principle and techniques of fracture fixation, Proximal Humerus fractures was covered by Dr. A.R. Karkhanis, nailing in long bone fractures tips and tricks was well covered by Dr. Satish Mutha. Elbow fracture dislocation (terrible triad) & proximal Ulna fracture was also very well covered by Dr Sameer Pilankar and Dr Rohit Goyal. The concept of injury pattern in Pott’s fracture was very well covered by Dr. Sanjay Dhar; often missed in common day to day practice like carpal instability was shown by Dr Satish P Kale and their further management was discussed in detail. The fear of fixing acetabular fractures was overcome and explained in a simple way by Dr. Sunil M. Shahane. Dr. Jairam Jagiasi explained unstable Intertrochanteric fracture fixation with DHS VS. PFN or a hemi replacement. Pelvic fracture fixation master techniques was demonstrated by the master himself i.e. Dr. C. J. Thakkar. Distal femur fracture was explained and treatment simplified by Dr. Shyam Mukhi; Proximal tibia fracture management with bone grafting by unique posterior approach and the use of arthroscopy, was shown by Dr. Ashwin Samant. Plafond fracture and Pylon fracture meaning with management was explained by Dr Ashish Jain; the commonest fracture in day to day practice i.e. Distal Radius intraarticular fracture was very well covered by Dr. Sudhir warrior, he also shared his vast experience and knowledge in treating this fracture in a simple and easy way. Dr. Abhishek Kini discussed talus fracture, talar dislocation, lisfrancs fracture & calcaneum fracture in detail, the CME finished by 5:30 pm. 51 delegates attended it.

(Day 2) 30/5/16 Monday

Different faculty members did demonstration of cases in Cooper Hospital.

  1. Pelvis fracture plating was demonstrated by Dr Jairam Jagiasi,
  2. Monteggia fracture Dr Satish Kale,
  3. Lisfrancs fracture by Dr Samir Pilankar
  4. Shoulder dislocation Maneuver by Dr Samir Pilankar,
  5. Calcaneum fracture open reduction internal fixation with bone grafting by Dr. Jairam Jagiasi

(Day 3) 31/5/16 Tuesday

  1. Pipkins fracture demonstrated by Dr Sunil Shahane,
  2. Young fracture neck femur Closed reduction with fixation by Dr Ashwin Samant,
  3. Radius ulna plating by Dr Sunil Shahane,
  4. Fracture Supracondylar femur with intercondylar extension: locking Compression plate by Dr Ashwin Samant

(Day 4) 1/6/16 Wednesday

The delegates visited Sion Hospital; there they were shown trauma cases by Dr. Harshad Argekar

  1. Comminuted intertrochanteric fracture for bipolar Hemiarthroplasty
  2. Sub trochanteric fracture for DCS
  3. Distal femur fracture for Distal Femoral Locking Compression Plate

(Day 5) 2/6/16 Thursday

The delegates were send to J.J. Hospital and were shown Trauma Cases by Dr. Nadir Shah

  1. Tibia Shaft fracture for inter Locking Nailing.
  2. Shaft femur for inter Locking Nailing.
  3. Patella fracture for TBW
  4. Shaft radius for DCP.
  5. IT femur for TFN
  6. Patella fracture for TBW
  7. Tendoachillis tear repair.

(Day 6) 3/6/16 Friday (Operating Nailing Course)

  1. IT femur for TFN
  2. Tibia Shaft fracture for inter Locking Nailing.
  3. Shaft femur for Closed inter Locking Nailing.
  4. Clavicle Fracture for Intramedullary nail
  5. Fracture Radius Ulna for Closed reduction

Banquet at Karl Residency hotel Andheri West

(Day 7) 4/6/16 Saturday (Operating Nailing Course)

  1. Radius ulna fracture titanium Elastic nail
  2. Metacarpal Fracture K wire fixation
  3. Revision femur nailing for Nonunion Femur
  4. Tibia Shaft fracture for inter Locking Nailing.
  5. IT femur for PFN and opposite side Sub trochanteric fracture femur for Long PFN
  6. Clavicle Fracture for Intramedullary nail with Fracture Radius for tens nail and IT for PFN.

I thank the BOS and all the delegates for making this course a grand success.

Dr Jairam Jagiasi
Convener for the course