CONVENER Dr. Chasanal Rathod
Mob: +91 9769770727
CO-CONVENER Dr. Mandar Agashe
Mob: +91 9920023246

Dr. Bipin Ghanghurde
Mob: 7738729068
Maximum Delegates: 20
Course Fees: 2360/-
Dates: January 15 - 17, 2021

Proposed Faculty

Dr. Alaric Aroojis

Dr. Atul Bhaskar

Dr. Binoti Sheth

Dr. Bipin Ghanghurde

Dr. Chasanal Rathod

Dr. Jaydeep Dhamele

Dr. Mandar Agashe

Dr. Mukund Thatte

Dr. Nilesh Satbhai

Dr. Pankaj Ahire

Dr. Parag Lad

Dr. Rujuta Mehta

Dr. Sandeep Vaidya

Dr. Swapnil M. Keny

Dr. Taral Nagda

Dr. Tushar Agarwal

  • Advanced understanding of Paediatric Upper Extremity conditions - Congenital and acquired
  • Live Surgical Demonstration
  • Interactive Case based discussion
  • Symposium: "Pediatric Upper Extremity"
  • The course intends to cover in detail all the aspects of Pediatric Upper Extremity problems through live surgical demonstration, interaction with all eminent faculty in the operating room as well as preoperatively.
  • Day 1: B. J. Wadia Hospital for Children: Case discussion and live surgical demonstration
  • Day 2: SRCC Children’s Hospital: Case discussion and Live surgical demonstration
  • Day 3: Symposium: A half day symposium covering the cases and topics which could not be covered over the first 2 days.
  • Relevant Educational material: Articles, Videos
  • Assessment and treatment of Pediatric Upper Extremity conditions
  • Operative tips and tricks

Course Refunds Disclaimer

It needs to be noted that any course of the BOS may be cancelled or postponed or its program may be altered / modified depending upon the situation prevalent in the country in view of the COVID 19 infection, rules and regulations by the Central Government, State Government, Municipal Corporations of the cities in which the courses are held and the institutes in which the courses are conducted.

The Bombay Orthopaedic Society will try and intimate the course delegates in advance in such circumstances. However, it may not be possible for the BOS to intimate or inform the delegates in reasonable time, in case the courses need to be cancelled at a shorter notice.

In such a case, the rules of course fees refund will apply. The BOS or its Executive Council cannot be held liable and responsible for any financial losses, which may result due to course cancellation including travel expenses, residential and logistical expenses. Such Expenses shall not be reimbursed to the delegates.

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